Verification of Ukrainian citizenship

According to the competent authorities of Ukraine, there is currently no possibility to conduct an investigation into citizenship of persons registered in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine

According to Art. 5 of the Law of Ukraine “On Citizenship of Ukraine” of January 18, 2001, the documents confirming the citizenship of Ukraine are:

  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad;
  • temporary identity card of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • diplomatic passport;
  • service passport;
  • seafarer’s identity card;
  • crew member ID;
  • identity card for return to Ukraine.

Who is affected by the verification of belonging to the citizenship of Ukraine

Verification of Ukrainian citizenship applies to persons who are abroad and who do not have documents proving Ukrainian citizenship, or if there is a need to verify the fact that such persons are citizens of Ukraine.

In accordance with paragraph 91 of the Procedure for applications and applications for citizenship of Ukraine and the implementation of decisions adopted by the Decree of the President of Ukraine of March 27, 2001 №215 (hereinafter – the Procedure), in the case of a person abroad verification of citizenship of Ukraine a diplomatic mission or consular post of Ukraine carries out such verification according to its records or sends a request to the migration service.

Procedure for obtaining a certificate of verification of Ukrainian citizenship

Step 1: Make an appointment

Step 2: At the chosen day and time to arrive at the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco and personally provide the necessary documents

Step 3: After completing the inspection and receiving a response from the migration service of Ukraine, the applicant is issued a certificate

Necessary documents

1. Statement

2. Identity document (In the presence)

3. Residence document (Document on the applicant’s residence on the territory of Ukraine or on his permanent residence abroad and copies of such documents are submitted)

4. Photo

5. Consular fee

$ 30 – (for the procedure of inspection by the competent authorities of Ukraine)

$ 20 – (for the issuance of a certificate on the results of the relevant inspection)

The consular fee is paid in the form of “Money Order“. Cash, credit cards, checks, bank transfers are not accepted!

Verification period

The inspection continues until the response of the competent authorities of Ukraine.